Our table

Drinking ,dining, bonding and meeting new friends
In symbiosis with the scale of the place and its sense of theater, the kitchen opens on to the main room offering the guests a “performance” of the inventive chefs working on furnaces and ovens, with ardent lights illuminating.  The sounds of activity sometimes accompanied by orders shouted and bursts of laughter.
In the background, light and quiet music that softens the atmosphere and the rising voices of the hosts who are gathered at the bar.
As beers and cocktails take effect, stories, voices and connections become more important.
The menus of the day are imaginative and the meals are worthy that of a good restaurant, considering the isolation of the place.
Fresh seafood is either purchased daily from local fishermen in the bay.or caught by our guests.

Les menus du jour sont imaginatifs et les repas sont dignes d’un bon restaurant. Surprenant, compte tenu de l’isolement de l’endroit.
Des fruits de mer frais sont achetés tous les matins auprès des pêcheurs locaux de la baie.