Olo Be Lodge or the “Lodge of the Wise Old Man”

A remarkable creation that only fools or geniuses could have considered.
It took  blind courage and a great vision to try this feat.

Andavadoaka: “The hole in the rock”
At the western end of the African island of Madagascar.
After a trip by plane, a 4 × 4 trip on the track along the coast and through the baobab forest, we enter the flamboyant hall of Olo Be Lodge and from the terrace, we are facing the powerful rock with a vast hole that stands majestically in the middle of the bay.

The owner, Jules LeClezio, the architect / designer Bruno Decorte, the builder Antonello and the Manager, Estelle forms the heroic team that has all concocted. Today, everything works perfectly with the help of a team of 50 employees recruited in the region.

A great journey begins with great vision

In the early 90’s, Jules Le Clezio went to the desert of Mikea in Madagascar, in search of sand and minerals. The topography reminded him of the Pilbara region of Western Australia, where large deposits of iron are being exploited, as well as other resources such as precious ilmenite extracted from heavy mineral-sands ore deposits. Working with an Australian geologist, they explored the area for years and eventually found it – enough to justify the establishment of a mining operation. In the years that it took to launch it, Jules slowly fell in love with this beautiful and remote region and its open and attractive inhabitants. And when he arrived on the promontory between the vast bay of Andavadoaka and the smaller one on the other side, he knew he had found his new home. All he had to do was build it.
He began by building a house just for himself, then rooms for friends to visit. And wondering, maybe it could be a hotel … But, it should be something that enhances and does not mask the natural beauty of the location.
He asked his friend the Belgian designer and manufacturer, Bruno Decorte, creator of the fabulous production Bakuba in Tulear, to come take a look.
Another friend, the builder Antonello, soon followed. Then Estelle joined them to manage what had become a real and gigantic project.